Award nominations

The 2018 White Horse Awards will be presented on November 1 in Louisville, KY. More details will be posted at a later date. Nominations are ALWAYS being accepted!

Nomination Deadline: September 8, 2018*

*Nominations received after deadline will be considered for the 2019 Awards Ceremony

Nomination criteria

A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. There are heroes all around the horse racing industry and RTCA wants to recognize these selfless servants.

The White Horse Award is presented to an individual who has done something heroic or gone above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of human or horse. It is a way to recognize those unsung heroes of horse racing whether their actions are headline-grabbing or of the quiet, not-so-obvious kind of heroism.

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Nomination criteria

The Community Service Award is presented to an individual over the age of 18 who:

  • Has made, or is making, significant contributions to the welfare of race track chaplaincy ministries through involvement and participation
  • Has given freely of their time, energy, and resources for the betterment of the race track community, contributing to positive ministry outcomes within the horse racing industry